Violent Violet


Violet Shaw is a young woman trapped within an abusive marriage with no prospects for escape. She lives her days as a slave to her controlling husband's demands, her only salvation reduced to brief, weekly coffee dates with her sister— her one secret.
She's resigned herself to her bleak reality, mostly, until an unexpected attraction derails her perfectly constructed life and puts her at risk.
In the end, her infidelity might just transform her into her own worst enemy.

Recommended for readers ages 18+ due to strong language, sexual content, and subjects of marital abuse.

"Where is he taking me?" Violet wonders to herself, curled up in a fetal position in the back seat of the car. "Is there a place where husbands can take their wives after she's tried to kill him?"

On second thought, she doesn't actually want an answer to that. It's probably the bottom of a river somewhere.