The Celebrity Series

"Do you know what the worst part was?" I blurted to the stranger sitting next to me on the subway.
They turned bewildered eyes in my direction, probably wondering why the hell I was talking to them--probably wondering if I was drunk. (Worth noting: I was not.)
But I didn't even care what they might think of me. I just needed to get this out.
"The worst part," I went on passionately. "Was watching him fall in love with someone else, while knowing I'm pregnant."
★✩★1st Place Winner of the Sanguine Awards★✩★
★✩★Finalist of the Open Novella Contest★✩★
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A career-shattering scandal. A marriage of convenience. A crippling fear of catching feels.
Rowan is going to battle with life.
In the midst of a scandal that is threatening to tear her music career to shreds, Rowan agrees to stage a fake marriage for the publicity. And, honestly? She figures it's better this way. She's never cared much for romance. She's got too many personalities for that shit, not to mention a bad habit of using sarcasm and humor like weapons, and what guy could possibly deal with that? Certainly not the cute and charming Luke Dancy, with his laid-back attitude and overall loveliness.
Rowan knows a guy like that would never survive her, which is why she's sworn to keep her distance.
It's just a bit hard to keep your distance from someone when you are, in fact, married to the guy.

The bodyguards that work for the studio are under strict company rules never to get romantically involved with the stars they're hired to protect... Which makes them all the more fun to torment, as far as superstar actress Sunna Waterhouse is concerned.

It's not that she doesn't care that Nick also happens to be in a relationship, it's just that she's been lonely since she's moved to Vancouver.

And she's recently been catapulting down a path of serious self-destruction and rebellion while juggling death threats and major family drama.

But don't worry. She'll figure things out for herself before she crashes and burns.