The Art of Selfies + My Top 5 TIPS

by - 01 August

Since I've decided to start blogging, I thought I'd hop on tonight to quickly bore you with a subject that's important to me, in an effort to explain what I'm about. Also, at the end of this blog post I will include my TOP 5 tips for taking the perfect selfies xo. But first:

I want to talk about sharing on social media. How I do it. Why I do it. Why I'm comfortable doing it.

It's become such a common aspect of everyday life in this technology age that we live in, and I just thought I should clarify my approach as a sort of continued introduction to this blog.

Let's start with Instagram! That's the app I personally use the most. One of the reasons is that I've observed that a lot of other social media platforms today are flooded with... a lot of depressing shit, to put it so very eloquently. Whereas Instagram is all about cute outfits, cats, and "look what I ate today"s. Which may sound silly, but it's a refreshingly amusing platform where people can celebrate the good in their lives, which I believe to be a worthwhile pursuit.

Anyway, my love for Instagram aside, anyone who follows me knows that, despite sharing pictures of myself like some self-absorbed millennial that's possibly showing signs of early onset narcissism (read the supporting data here, and here), my caption game consists almost entirely of complete goofiness.

For example: exaggerations about my love of food. (Which might, in fact, not be exaggerations at all because have you ever tasted a doughnut?)

And this is important to me because there's a reason why I acknowledge and laugh in the face of my self-absorption and possible psychopathy. (Although, I'd like to point out that people used to pay large commissions and spend even larger portions of time posing for portraits and/or sculptures of themselves, whereas all I'm doing is taking an innocent selfie okkkk? Gimme a breakkkk, people. xoxo)

But, the thing is, there IS a specific reason why I social media this way, and it's this:

It's an active way for me to not take myself too seriously.

Because taking myself too seriously has seriously had a negative impact on my life.

Like, seriously.

You wouldn't think such a small thing could have such a big impact. You wouldn't think it's that important. But since life is almost entirely composed of small habits, for me, taking myself too seriously is a habit that manifested anxiety into my life, made me less patient, and generally hindered my overall happiness. And I didn't even realize it. I didn't realize how much unnecessary weight I was carrying around.

Which brings us to my goal in terms of sharing on social media.

I have made it my mission to start the #unseriousness challenge. I wish to launch forth blindly in pursuit of complete and utter unseriousness. I wish to become the comedic relief in my own life and perhaps yours. At the very least, you can laugh at my efforts. Because Instagram is all about the #inspo, which I looove, but I wish to inspire you in a different way. I wish to be an influencer of a different kind.

I wish to inspire and influence you to be unseriousness with me.

So, please, join me on the dark side. We have cookies and stuff.


Soooo... I've had people reach out to me via Instagram for advice on how to take good selfies. You know, besides "being pretty." (Their words, not mine. And boyyy did I get a good laugh out of that one. If you are reading this, know that you are too sweet. xo)
But anyway, here are the tips I give to anyone who asks:
1.     Good lighting. Shadows are NOT your friend.
2.     Know your angles and master holding your camera. I tend to favor my right side.
3.     Eat a doughnut. Having sprinkles in your teeth is fine, trust me.
4.     Talk. Always talk during pictures. This one is very important.
5.     Let the awkward shine through. Who cares. Have fun. Nobody is watching. I mean, it's not like there's even THAT many people on the internet or anything.
6.     BONUS TIP: Facetune is a great app for small edits in selfies, and where shadows are not your friend, FILTERS ARE, so make good use of the right filters and you're good to go boo xo

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