The Art of Happiness and Other Useless Things

by - 01 August

"Can you be a blogger without a blog? Is that a thing?"
- Me.
Hello there.

For those of you who don't know me, sucks to be you.

Just kidding. My name is Maggie. Yup. Hi. Nice to meet you too.

Soooo... I've decided to reopen my blog, and I just wanted to touch up a bit on my decision before I dazzle you all with my general tomfoolery.

Thing is, I've always struggled with the concept of a blog. Sure, I'm obsessed with Instragram. I use it daily like any well-behaving basic b*tch of the modern world. But a blog? Really? Aren't those, like, so yesterday? Also, don't we have enough of them already?

Who's to say...

But despite these reservations, I can't help wondering if Instagram is enough. I mean, don't I need something to tie into the Instagram account I've created? Isn't that the next logical step in this interneting process?

I suppose it is, because here we are! I've decided to try this blogging thing out! I just have too many deep, lingering thoughts swimming beneath my otherwise calm surface.

Also, I did a poll on Instagram and ya'll said go for it. Yup, that's pretty much it.

Anyway, without further ado, let's talk about my goal here. My plan. My mission statement, if you will.

Mission Statement
1.     "The Art of Overdressing", in which we learn how to go hiking in floor-length ball gowns.
2.     "The Art of Writing," in which I will try to talk about the torturous process of being a writer when you have absolutely no talent. Also, maybe do mini author interviews? Also, maybe post a FREE weekly serial novel? I dunno. Basically, I have no clue what I'm going to do with this segment.
3.     "The Art of Wifestyling", a word I just made up to describe the fact that I drag my husband around to places to take pictures. Yes, pictures. Expect lots of them. I was into photography before it was cool, sooooo... ha.
4.     BONUS CONTENT: "Anxiety Cat is anxieting", which depicts every day struggles of a derpy kitty caught in inner turmoils that mysteriously have nothing to do with the outer world he is so terribly afraid of.
5.     And last but not least: "The Art of Oversharing," in which I treat this very public domain as though it were my very own trash diary and possibly use the opportunity to give you horrible advice on everyday matters, Brule's Rules style.*
"Just hose it off, dummy." -Brule's Rules
On second thought, maybe Mr. Portokalos style, in which Windex is the answer to everything.

Soooo, yeah. To wrap things up, thank you for reading and joining me on my blogging shenanigans. I hope to shock, confuse, and disappoint. And then laugh it all off afterwards.

Also, just a quick warning before I go: I purposefully use hella lots of spelling/grammatical errors. I started doing it ironically and now I can't stop. If you know of any remedies, please feel free to sent help k thankssssss byeeeee xoxox

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